Saturday, August 16, 2014

Being a Yogi Today

I'm into yoga.  If you know me, you probably already know that.  It's a whole kind of lifestyle system, and I find it really helpful and cool.  But if you don't know much about it, yoga can seem strange, mystical, boring, unattainable...lots of things.  Traditional ways that were once revered and followed (and still are by many) are now becoming out of sync with the way we see things in the modern world.

So, here's me, being a yogi, every day for the next year (or as often as I can manage in my real life).

Some notes:
I don't like the word "yogini" so I don't use it.  Sounds like a bad cross between yogurt and linguini to me.

About hurt feelings:
I'm not out to offend or shock.  However, I will not be limiting myself to fit in.  I am being authentically me. There are seemingly unlimited places on the internet to get information or be entertained.  If this is not one that suits you, that's ok.

Brief intro: I am 33 and 3/4, a scorpio, an ex-christian-fundamentalist, a mom of one, a political progressive, pansexual and proud, a sign language interpreter, a student of yoga and restorative body work, Taoism, Thich Nhat Hahn, and lots of other things.  Everyone has many nuances, influences, labels, roles.    I might say things some find offensive. (See yogini comment above).  I deeply respect that each person has their own perspective.  I share mine to participate in human culture, to support causes I believe in, and to be expressive.  Most of all in this endeavor I want to be real.  Real human life in the western world is a wildly varied experience.  This is a peek into mine.

Enough with the intro.

August 16, Saturday
Got to sleep in.  This is me being very serious in tree pose.  And then realizing if I turned my head I could look like I was eating light.  Or shining light out of my mouth.  Either way.  #YogaLife #BeReal

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