Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Noncorporeal Beings Dream

Last night I dreamed I was on a starship like the Enterprise, and there was a sister ship nearby.  Two enemy ships appeared, and for some reason the senior staff wasn't able to stay and they made me temporary captain of the ship I was on.  The enemy ships launched a full scale boarding, quickly and efficiently taking control of both of our ships.  I knew that the only way to take the ship back was for the crew to secretly coordinate efforts and rise up against the intruders.  I led a small party of those of us who hadn't been captured toward the area where they were keeping the rest of the crew.  On the way, we were captured as well.  Once there, I was surprised to find the 'hostile' force seemed friendly, at ease, and happy.  I found this strange, but continued plotting.  I was able to find a paperclip in the room where we were being held, and when I got the chance I sprung into action and jabbed it into the eye of one of our enemies.  It was like poking water, no damage at all, no effect.  The man I had stabbed just chuckled and explained that they were noncorporeal beings, and had only temporarily taken an appearance of having a body to interact with us.  Once he started talking, I realized that they were indeed some kind of alien that had only looked human, and that their style of communicating wasn't exactly like ours.  There were misunderstandings, and mystery in what they said, and no one had been able to figure out what they wanted, since it was clear they weren't going to hurt anyone or steal the ship.  They had merely rounded everyone up and had them sitting around a table together, while other groups of the crew were being supervised but offered various leisure activities.  I got myself assigned to one of the activity groups after a while, and was able to spend a little bit of time talking with one of the aliens to ascertain their intent.  When I did, I went around to as many crew members as I could and explained, asking them to spread the word as quickly as possible- they weren't here as a hostile force, they were here because they had evolved past the need for a corporeal body, and had found bliss, peace, constant happiness by existing fully in each moment, fully enjoying whatever they were experiencing.  It seemed impossible for humans to be able to feel joy of that kind while being held captive, but that was the lesson.  If they could understand mindfulness and living in the moment, they would be free, even though still wrapped in limiting bodies.  Some of the crew members were skeptical, but agreed to at least try, while others immediately understood the deeper lesson and saw that the aliens had something revolutionary to teach us.  Soon we got word that the "invasion" extended all over earth.  There was a lot of confusion there as noncorporeal aliens in bodies "took over" every town, every street, but already there were many that understood the purpose and were spreading the word.  Confusion, disbelief and resistance in some, radical acceptance, cooperation and happiness in others. 

Friday, February 8, 2013


Anger is a normal emotional experience of every human being.  Sometimes the weather is sunny and warm, sometimes it is cold and overcast.  Emotions are like the weather for our inner landscape.  Recently I've been learning how to be more in touch with my own emotional responses, and anger is an important feeling to get to know.   "Pleasant"or "positive" emotions aren't as challenging for me to process- who doesn't enjoy a gorgeous blue sky and perfect temperature?  But storms, even small ones, can be really disruptive if I'm not internally prepared.  Some people have trouble managing their anger and have innapropriate outbursts, but I had been in the habit of ignoring my anger, like trying to drive in a snow storm but refusing to believe the conditions are dangerous.  So now, learning about my friend anger is helping me understand myself better.  I talked with my lightworker coach about this yesterday, and she had some simple but profound tips for me I'd like to share.

* NEVER allow anger in the car.  It is a form of entrapment, and neither person can leave the situation if they feel overwhelmed.
*CHOOSE one room in your house for angry/heated discussions.  The energy of anger is powerful, and isolating it to one area allows space for the experience without spreading it all over. 
*GO outside if possible when you are angry or need to have a discussion that has anger attached to it.  The peaceful energy of nature helps disperse the intensity.
*IMMEDIATELY  stopping someone from using their anger to SABOTAGE, CONTROL, or ABUSE you is ALWAYS appropriate.
*YOU don't need to ask permission from anyone to stand up for yourself.  If someone is demeaning you, tell them to stop. 
*TAKE time and space when needed, to allow yourself to experience the feeling of anger without being harmful to the other person.
*NOTICE what kinds of general issues and personal situations trigger anger.  That allows you to be ready to respond rationally when those situations arise.

Thursday, February 7, 2013



Coming to the end of our stay in Buffalo...bittersweet.  So peaceful in our direction, yet sad to leave so many wonderful people. 

Thank you:  Family- you know who you are!  I love my family so much, and through the ups and downs this year that has only become a deeper, more understanding love.  I treasure this time we got to spend together, and for those of you who made lots of room in your life for my presence here, I am so grateful.  For the family who's lives were filled up with other things, I am thankful for the time we did get together, and I am happy that you are living your life and doing your thing!  A special thank you to Bridget, you gave us several much needed overnight breaks from parenting, and were always a wonderful, fun, energetic, welcoming person to be around. 

Thank you:  Mom.  Living with you again for the first time since I moved out of the house was fun, joyous, challenging, illuminating, worthwhile, and something I will always be glad we shared.  Trust yourself, keep breathing, and take things one step at a time.  You can do it!  I love you!

Thank you:  to my sisters.  I wish I could live by all my loved ones and siblings all at one time, but since that isn't possible I'm thankful we had time together this year.  Jena, have fun setting up your life and finding yourself!  Deni, having our baby boys hang out with each other was really special.  Looking forward to them running around together as they grow and we visit.   I love all of you! 

Thank you:  to my workplace, everyone was so warm and friendly and made the transition period here a breeze.  I love my job!  Thank You Sorenson for helping make my life dreams possible.

Thank you:  Ryan, Ti, Aydan and Sia.  Words can't express the deep gratitude our whole family has for your family.  Everything you have done, given us, offered, provided, the ideas exchanged, the respite, the peace, the love, the positive energy, the encouragment...wonderful.  We love you!!!

Thank you:  Thank you.  Thank you, Manya.  You know.  You walked with us through steps in our path that have changed things in ourselves and our lives forever.  So grateful.

Thank you:  Buffalo!  It was interesting!  Another fantastic life-experience/adventure that we'll always remember. 

Steps on the Path

Clarity of purpose and sureness of your path ahead comes out of having been through uncertainty and confusion.  Having experienced the dark, you can understand what the Light is. 

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