Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meridians Part 1

I am studying alternative medicine, currently learning about the body's electromagnetic energy system and the meridians.

Electromagnetic Energy is a unified field that presents with countless "faces"- matter is congealed energy.  Every matter formation (person, cell, organ, system) has it's own "local energy language" as well as the shared universal language. 

The Meridian network is an energy transportation system connected with the body.  I has 14 pathways which are river-like in nature, rising and falling like tides.  All the pathways are part of one continuous energy flow-system, appearing as 12 linked segments, extending to the two additional pathways, the governing and central paths.  These last two are open to the environment, with energies entering and exiting here. 

One of my study aides is my model-doll Tesla, today I did the central and governing meridians.

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