Monday, January 21, 2013


For those around me suffering, compassion and hope.



  1. Such a fitting post for me right now. I have family and friends who are going through hard times and sometime I feel bad when I want to share something happy that is going on in my life. I do feel compassion for them and try to help but I want to enjoy every moment of everyday, I only have this moment once in my life.

    1. It can be hard when you are personally feeling balance, joy, strength and those around you are suffering with the opposite experience. Remember that you have also gone through those hard times in your life, and that the joy you have now comes out of those lessons. It will be the same for those we love. We all go through things at different times on our own paths. From your place of growth and love you can give compassion and supportive energy. If you were also suffering the way way right now it would be hard to offer that. At the same time, you SHOULD rejoice in the joy you have now. It is a gift!