Friday, April 12, 2013

Self Determination

Each of us is capable of marvelous things.  All of us have a "best self" we feel we are meant to be.  If you feel overwhelmed when you think of that, and have a sense that you are waiting on an external higher power to someday make changes for you, you are suffering from a habit of wrong thinking, a holding pattern that keeps you stuck that does not line up with the nature of how the Divine works.  As humans we have been granted an abundance of power, ability, strength, the magical, wonderous, free-will right to choose for ourselves and to co-create our own lives.  It takes work, dedication, intention, perseverance and belief, but it is absolutely possible.  Don't wait.  Listen to the things that stir up your passion and head in that direction, not waiting for anything or letting yourself fall back on old habits.  The old ways of doing and thinking and being that do not serve your growing best self are ready to fall away.  The joy and peace and sense of accomplishment of fiving all your attention and efforts to being your best self are yours for the taking.  If that seems like too much, start with just clearing your mind by following your long deep breathing, and expand your awareness to the things in you and around you right  now that are bringing you joy.  It is worth the effort, I promise.   

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