Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Recipe: Green Wraps

Green Wraps

I don't really use recipes much, so this is more of a general description.  Tweak it to suit your own taste and ingredients on hand.  The highlight of this meal is the lovely green collard base used as a tortilla shell, it adds such a nice fresh taste and great nutrition!

You can fill collard leaves with anything you would normally put in a burrito, taco or wrap.  Here I used bean patties, lightly sauteed onions, and homemade spicey mustard sauce.  YUM!

Equal Parts cooked legume and cooked grain
1-2 eggs (1 for smaller batch 2 for larger)
Dash of oil
Enough of any flour (gluten free works fine) to form patties that hold together
Pan fry in olive oil until crispy
*One of our favorite variations of this is to use black beans and rice, then add garlic and cooked sweet potato chunks to the patty mix. 

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