Saturday, July 6, 2013

Speak Your Truth

I haven't [posted in a while, I have been in a quiet lul and preparing for my 3 week intensive yoga training.  Today is the day I start that journey in earnest, and I have come to recently understand that I need to focus on "speaking my truth".  I am not yet sure exactly what that means, but I know it involves overcoming a lot of fear.  Fear of what I might find if I'm totally honest with myself, fear of what others with think/say/do if I'm an open book, fear of letting go and surrendering to what I find in myself and in life as I immerse myself in this new idea.  But I know that fears can be gently, powerfully transformed with love.  I committed to myself a couple of years ago to face whatever WHATEVER comes up in me that isn't serving my highest good or that is keeping me from being my best self.  So- speak my truth it is.  In an effort to get started, I'm looking into what it means to speak your truth.  This is excerpted from an article that can be found at:

Speaking your truth to yourself
1. Are you being honest with yourself about how you’re feeling?
2. Are you being honest about what you (and your whole body) genuinely need?
3. Are your being honest about what you value and what your priorities are ?
4. Are you being honest about what you want for yourself and how you want to live ?

Speaking your truth to others
5. Are you tuning in to your inner self before you express yourself ?
6. Do you speak from you authentic self, rather than reacting from your thoughts?
7. Do you know what it feels like in your body when you’re speaking your truth (and when you’re not)?
8. Do your honour other people’s truths as much as you honour your own?

Speaking your truth through your life
9. Are all parts of your life aligned with your core values?
10. Are you honouring your unique gifts and talents, and sharing them with the world?
11. Are you actively bringing your wants, dreams, and desires to life?
12. Is your life growing and evolving as you are?

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