Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Listening (to myself)

My old habit was that I spent a lot of my time and energy filtering everything about myself through what other people expected, thought, taught, demanded or my perception of what they wanted or required.  Know thyself...wise words that are simple but not easy.  I am creating new habits and courageously going Within to set aside patterns no longer serving me and to remove those filters. It isn't about shocking people or any other reaction others may have- it is about getting to know Me, the one-of-a-kind God-expression that experiences life in this body. My body is the temple that I worship in, where I encounter directly the inhabiting of Spirit.  My individuality is a gift that brings something unique to this life dance. If I spend my efforts trying to alter that based on other people's unique God expression, I do us all a diservice and I miss out on the intimacy of Loving Myself as a tangible way to experience and love God. So. The first step for me in speaking my truth is to listen to myself. All others and especially certain Others have wisdom, and I honor the Divine experience of all, but I must be my own first, truest source of living wisdom. In turning within I can begin to notice and honor all aspects of my incarnation, to fall in love with my life, to bring myself deeply into the experience I am having moment by moment, authentically and unafraid.

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