Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Being Myself

We don't know what our True Authentic Self really is or feels like.   Experience, human expression, it's all trial and error.  But not in that an error is wrong.  To err is human.  To miss the mark.  To continuously fall short in spite of our best efforts.  Yet salvation is in the journey.  Our "True Self", that inner core of unconditional love and ultimate oneness is only accessible through these unique, individual human perspectives . By delving in, being more "me", by trying out things that I am drawn to, finding the essence in them that attracted me, keeping that aspect and then trying out new expressions of me.  Ideas, looks, interests, passions all bringing me in contact with the world outside me and giving me all kinds of information about the world inside me.  Go for it.  Try it out.  Make a change unashamedly.  Be who you want to be now.  To err is human.  To not try is to deny yourself the depth of what it is to be human.  There is no failing.  You succeed in having experiences every time you try.  How they turn out is beyond your control, and the unexpected outcome brings the next Adventure.  What do you want? Just do it.

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