Saturday, September 6, 2014

Why, for me, yoga?

People who know me know I have become progressively more yoga crazed.  It isnt because of a fad or for exercise... for me it started as a child.  By nature I was very flexible and enjoyed a sort of intuitive body movement practice that, looking back, had yogic elements.  But at the same time, I was raised in a very strict,repressive fundemtalist home.  I gradually learned to totally rely on external authorities for every aspect of my behavior, thoughts and feelings.  This disconnect from my own inner life and empowerment became so integrated in me that I became unaware of my body.  I would stub my toe and it would be bleeding and I wouldnt even notice.  My mom would jokingly (haha..) say "its like you dont even know you HAVE a body!"  

When I reached adulthood and finally realized I had to leave that environment I was cautious.  I made big life changing decisions.  But I also knew to avoid choices with consequences not easily undone.  I was slow to "throw out" the teachings of my youth.  I just let it be, didnt pursue it further but didnt reject it either.  

Many choices andexperiences later I began my conscious journey of personal empowerment and well being.  I started by reading a variety of books.  

"Love Wins" by Rob Bell, which freed me from the pervasive fear I had been taught.

"A New Earth", by Eckhart Tolle,  which opened my mind to many new possibilities not least of which was that peace is always available in the moment.

Several books by Thich Nhat Hahn that gave me practical, simple everday tools to begin to experience more of that in-the-moment peace.

Around that same time adear friend gave me a yoga dvd suggesting I might enjoy it.  I did.  It stuck with me.  Began to brinng me back to a connection between mind and body.  To bring my awareness from the past and future into My Body Now.  And that sensation has revolutionized how I feel in my body, my mind and my life.  


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