Friday, December 28, 2012

Superman Portal Dream

I'm planning to post on a number of different topics, one of which is dreams.  I'm beginning to learn dream interpretation, and already it has been incredibly interesting and helpful.

Last night I dreamed that I found a portal that transported children to the dimension where Superman exits, only Superman was me, or the person that went through the portal.  Only young children were supposed to use the portal, I approached it as my adult self, with a small girl maybe 3 years old.  She stood on the round platform, just her size, and I held on to the sides.  We were transported to the other dimension, where we received all universal knowledge.  When we came back to regular reality, the girl was now an adult, a woman who was not-me, but me, my sister-best friend-lover, and then she integrated herself into my being.

All of reality is made up of inter being, and all knowledge is within us, around us, available to us.  Thank you Tolle, Deepak, Thich for the understanding of this, and for the awesome dream.

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